Weigh In

Yesterday we did a weigh in for 3 out of 4 pups.

Daisey:  female, 11ish English Setter, active:      44.5 lbs
Ella:      Female, 10ish English Setter,inactive     49.0 lbs
Dexter:  Male,  1ish Pitbull, active young adult   57.0 lbs

Angel is too large to weigh using the pickup method.  She was 72 lbs when we got her. I'll take her to the vet to get weighed. 

Conclusions:  Dexter has gained 10lbs since we got him.  He looks terrific.  Ella is overweight.  She needs to lose at least 9 lbs.  She is so furry, it is hard to see her body condition--but I've not felt a rib yet.  Angel has a short coat, making her body condition easy to evaluate. Her past vet records had her at 89 lbs so her former owners were able to get significant weight off of her. Our goal is to maintain that.  Daisey is just right.


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