Douglas Van Howd Print

I was at a consignment shop and spied an English Setter flushing quail print.  The artist was Douglas Van Howd. The print is 119/750 and signed by the artist.  I didn't know who the artist fact, I hadn't discerned the artist's signature until yesterday.  Been too busy to look. You can read about him here.

It's a largish 31.5"H x 39.5"W, and features an orange-belton English Setter flushing a covey of quail.  There's a pastoral quality to the print.  There is no title to the print unless it is beneath the matting. I did manage to stumble upon a picture of it after trying many key words. "Douglas van hows fall flush" was the one that finally yielded a hit.  I forget what I paid for it, less than $90 and far less than what it would have cost to frame the print alone.

I really love the way that it captures the point-movement of the Setter.

No I don't hunt, and my English Setters hunt and point whatever is in their periphery--mostly squirrels and biscuits. 


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