Tennis Elbow

Geez...I have had a blank post up about.  I guess my elbow hurt too much....

I have developed tennis elbow from something other than tennis.  My only other regular activity is computer stuff--and this year alot of it.  I think that my ergonomics were comprised when my new computer was set up while maintaining my old computer on the printer table (1) behind me which provided the best level. 

At the margin, small increments matter over time. Whether you are producing widgets or typing in a mechanically compromised way (poor leverage of reach and height), the good or the bad builds up fast.  In my case 12-17 hour days over a period of some months is the cause of my tendonitis.

I had a minor pain (prior to realizing what the problem was), and received a cortisone shot which completely eliminated the pain.  Unfortunately, the shot masked the problem entirely, so I did not have a chance to understand that the nascent symptoms were escalating under the veneer of the cortisone.

When the cortisone shot wore off, I realized how much inflammation I was experiencing.  It is bad enough where my regular routine is compromised---cooking, cleaning, working (computer), all contributing to the pain.  And bumping that sore area against a door jam is wince-inducing.

I've tried the arm band.  It felt good at first, but the benefit was either transitory or illusory.  It is possible that I'm just using it incorrectly.  I've avoided anti-inflammatory meds, but I'm simply not winning this battle.  Ice/heat combo provides some of the best relief. I'm not ruling out that I'm doing something strange with my arm during sleep that is exacerbating my symptoms.

I'm unused to having joint pain prevent normal activities.  I have a great empathy for folks with the chronic joint pain (from systemic or injury/use issues).  Husbando says that I just have to rest it completely, and that I should consider a sling.  



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