My search for a new sofa ended thanks to Craigslist.  I found a beautiful Classic Leather, Keswick, sofa, pictured above, in like-new condition.  I paid $700 for it v ~$3700 that it would cost new.  Still, it was a premium price for a 10 year old sofa; but a difficult thing to find used in the condition that I wanted. Given the price I paid to the price that I would have had to pay, it was a good deal.  I gave my previous furniture to my daughter as it was in need of being reupholstered.  I had already upholstered 2x and slipcovered 1x.  I wanted to get something durable as we will sit on this piece every single day.

 My other furniture, made around 1930, ,had the most beautiful scale to it--smaller, very well made, with exposed carved wood on the base, the arm front face and the wings.  My daughter had the sofa reupholstered with companion fabrics for her chairs.  The sofa turned out beautifully.  It's worth noting that it costs as much to have a sofa reupholstered in a quality fabric as it costs to get a new sofa.  So, it is no wonder that people just toss out the old and get new.

My 'replacement' sofa was simply a sofa I had used to stage houses that I had bought for $150 at Rainbow Thrift and LGBT community thrift store.  It was like new, but it was singularly the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I had ever sat upon.  Out with the old to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters thrift and in with the new-old from people rehoming furniture.

The dogs, of course, were quite keen to sit on it first.

I have a leather loveseat that I purchased at a good discount from Haverty's 15 years ago. Unfortunately, the leather on the cushions on the seat spots are now completely worn through--that is surely showing the love.  This piece is the most singularly comfortable piece I have ever sat in.  It is perfect for watching TV.  Back is propped up by the comfy arms and the opposite arm makes the greatest foot rest.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to let this one go yet!  Reade suggests that he should get out the gorilla tape. 

It may come to that. 


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