More Amazon Surprises

Well the above is not such a great deal.  I noted that this vendor had a number of used items for $99,999.   each.  I reported them to Amazon.  I got an immediate and appropriate response back.  I've noticed this before--ridiculous prices on items by 3rd party merchants. However, none so ridiculous as this.

I'm a price checker.  Often I find the best prices on Amazon; however, I never buy anything of substance without doing a query on the internet. I needed a pair of sewing scissors.  I found, to my surprise, a significant discount offered through Ebay to include shipping.

I've been angling to get a nakiri-style knife.  I found something tangentially similar, through some serendipitous internet search,  from none other than Ken Onion. I just love his name!  I found prices from $159.99 to $69.99 for the $200 retail knife.  The lowest price was from Amazon.

This was a stupendous value for a knife of this quality.  I would note that it is not a substitute for a chef's knife, but would be a great complement to deepening your knife bench.  Knives are like clothes.  If you have a good basis, then you can watch for exceptional deals that present themselves.  A good knife, well cared for, will last you a lifetime.  Cheap knives, like cheap clothes, are not worth the money.


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