My text message said that my delivery from Amazon from UPS would be delayed a day.  That was not a problem.  I awaited package was some curing salt for making a DIY corned beef.  A new venture for me.

At 7:30 p.m. the familiar lighted outline of the big brown truck at the driveway (gated to keep the vermin in) alerted both me and the vermin that something was delivered.  The UPS driver was not our regular driver, and in fact the package had been placed on the wrong route truck. 

"I was not expecting you.  I got a text saying that my packaged would come tomorrow which would have been perfectly fine,"  I shouted as I jogged down the driveway.

The driver jumped out of the truck, package in hand.  "This was put on the Lanexa truck, and I called the regular driver and he gave me directions.  I thought it might be a birthday present, and I wanted to make sure it was not late and delivered today.."

I admired his good service.  "Tomorrow would have been just fine.  I appreciate your delaying getting home in order to deliver this.  That's exceptional service."

Out in the country our UPS drivers are like an extension of our family.  We've had the same driver for as long as I remember.  This driver was just like our regular driver:  friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated to service.


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