Thrift Store Finds

The stuff of life has been happening in an exponential way.  I'll not speak of all of it, but the periphery of people in my life continue to experience difficult things.  I am simply helping them through it as best I can--to include trips to emergency rooms (to include an all-nighter) and a trip to the oncologist (which I expected to be  worse news than delivered).

The noose tightened around me this weekend.  I was thrifting over at the CHKD Thrift store.  It was a hot day, and I found several things at the store to include an old nightstand for $10.  As I was checking out and holding out my furniture tag, I said, "I might need a little help getting this into my car."  Well, I was quickly informed that I would have to sign a form that would put me personally responsible if an employee hurt themselves while helping me load something into my vehicle.

Given all that had transpired over the week (opening paragraph) coupled with a hot day, I became rather irate over this 'policy'.  So irate, that I basically said, "just take it off my ticket."  I was informed, "We'll have to re-check you out."  No, I would have none of that.  "Just keep it.  My donation."  (I was seriously PO'd at this point, and not proud of it.).

I load my stuff in the car.  Fumed for 30 seconds. Ultimately, my inner Armenian rug trader didn't want to let my my $10 (less 25% due to promo) nightstand not come home with me.  I wanted it to serve as my TV stand after I had given it a freshening up.  I went back into the store and asked if they had a hand truck.  They did.  I asked them to simply hold he door open for me and proceeded to fetch, wheel and load the nightstand into my car. 

All was well.  I apologized for being so pissy.  I'm not typically abusive to any paid help, but this policy just hit me wrong.  I always get help from from stores, so this one--particularly given that I donate to them and purchase from them--just hit me wrong. I didn't denigrate any; but I was unpleasantly grumbled.

Well, as soon as I got home and got out of the car, I realized what a foolish thing that I had done loading that thing on my own. My back hurt. Badly.  So while not totally sidelined this weekend, I had to spend some up close and personal time with ice packs on my back. I sprained my back badly several years ago water skiing.  I knew the drill and hit the therapy quickly.

 Below is the  offending piece of furniture.

It's an ugly thing to be sure, but solid as a rock.  The unit has MDF composition, with at least 1/4" veneer overlay--which is thick..   It has an interior shelf, so perfect to  hold the cable modem and other accoutrements.  I pulled the back off (non structural) so that the TV can sit on top and there is easy access for all of the cords to connect x to y.  It is a perfect makeover opportunity.  My TV is currently sitting on a 1980's grey laminate printer stand (remember those?). 

I am painting it Benjamin Moore City Shadow which is a dark gray with lovely green and blue undertones.  It is a full spectrum paint from the Aura collection.  On the website, it was paired with the Yellow Topaz that I'm painting my walls, as well as the Crisp Linen, which I'm painting my trim (and the interior of the unit.  I like a light interior when electronics have to be viewed!).  I would not recommend painting furniture with Aura, but I had the big idea that I would paint my interior doors this color and decided otherwise.  I didn't want to let this paint go to waste.

So while I had an achy back, I managed to get the transformation of this piece underway.  I was reminded how much I enjoying undertaking transformations.  I'll post a pic when I'm done.

Time to reach for the ice pack.

PS: Of my finds, I nabbed:

  • black funnel for the garage
  • a set of 16 mini aluminum trays with duck motifs.
  • handmade bed spread in a lovely cream with hand quilting of large flowers.
  • cereal container, new
  • outdoor flower pot
  • round Crock Pot insert (I use these for dog water bowls)
  • Russel Athletics shirt
  • Vintage leather + canvas tote
  • night stand
The price tag for all was $54. 


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