Pimpernel Placemats | Thrift Store Books

Pimpernel placemats: I'm just loving my thrift store Pimpernel placemats.  Not that placemats are an exciting thing in the least.  My excitement is that I've only had cloth placemats which require......washing.  Having a super-large coaster type placemat means that a mess is just a spray and wash away from full eradication of all stains and crumbs.

More so, placing these on your beloved horizontal surfaces for both protection and style, are a useful thing indeed.  They are flat, stable and attractive. High praise indeed. 

Thrift Store Books:  I was doing a little more thrift store grazing as I had to have my annual mammogram (which I last did 2 years ago).  I bought several vintage cookbooks.  When looking on line for them (after purchase)  I found Thrift Store Books.  My goodness....you spend $10 and get free shipping!  If you love books and appreciate a good value, I hope that you will check them out.  I might have save a few bucks--but let's face it,  the hunt is cheap entertainment.

On my thrift store jaunt, I found some cheese markers from Pier One(new in box), a mini wisk, 6 cookbooks of repute, a beautiful pottery vase, 4 pieces of artworks (signed by artist), two feather pillows (decorative), and 2 vintage duck plates made from JKW  pottery in West Germany (a common item it seems). 

My cookbooks have been a pure joy to read.  My motto is that if I get 2-3 recipes out of a cookbook purchased, I've done well.  From my initial mining, I made some very auspicious purchases!


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