Breathing.  For most healthy adults, breathing is a natural thing.  So easy, so effortless it escapes our attention.

I was recently visiting my MIL in a convalescent care facility.  She has severely compromised lung function.  Rather than see a doctor, she prayed.  Her recurring pneumonia and bronchitis, left untreated for decades (and it is truly a wonder that she did not die), damaged her lungs permanently. Breathing for her is an effort.

My daughter was with me.  She is a special ed teacher.  I was programming a phone.  She was insistent that I give it to her because "I'm more technologically savvy than you are."  I gave her a withering look and asked her, "Who had to hook up your printer?  Can you take a computer apart and put it back together?"     She retorted, I need to give you a breathing app to remind you to take a breath.  Point well taken.  

As it turns out, perhaps she is more tech savvy than I am, because there is a breathing app to remind you to breathe.  And another to remind you to be mindful, and.....the list is endless.  But for a special ed teacher who has out of control children at times, reminding them to focus on their breath and calm down their energy is a useful aid for them (teacher and student).

There are no end to the phone apps that will help us presumably be happier, healthier and smarter.  But if we have to depend on an app to remind us to be mindful or to breathe or to breathe, we may just be missing the point. To the extent that the apps aid in the development of a habit, then that is worth much.

If you don't think about your breath much, I invite you to focus on this extraordinary process that gives live to every cell in your body.  And by focusing on breath, you immediately become mindful.  Kills two birds with one stone.

Want some breathing exercises?  Here is a link to 6 Breathing Exercises to Relax in 10 Minutes or Less . Also, for some video instruction, you can go here to can get an app to remind you to breathe during the day!  For me, I have been using my Pomodoro breaks to do breathing exercises and to hydrate.  It has made such a huge difference in my energy, creativity and productivity during the day.


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