Weekly Wrap Up

I missed a couple of posts this week; however, it was a winner week. I was diligent each day:
  1. stayed within my calorie count
  2. achieved my exercise goals for the week
  3. lost some weight ===> 2.5lbs
Okay, I let Friday be a bust.  I met an old friend in Fredericksburg, and we had lunch at a Thai Restaurant.  It was only fitting to eat there as many, many years ago I had my first taste of Thai at That Thai Place in Bethesda Maryland.   I ordered red curry chicken, my favorite.  I ate it all, and I did not feel guilty in the least.  I was similarly indiscriminate for dinner.  I ate a chicken enchilada -- but my portion was small.

I just entered my calories, and surprisingly, I stayed under my calorie count.  There are so many different types of diets out there.  I surmise that most diets work (at least for a time) because no matter which diet it is, it is a nutritional departure from what the dieter was on before.

All I'm really doing is being conscious of calories and content.  I was at a client, and some nice vendor had brought in bagels, cream cheese and a coffee cake melange (a pinwheel of cheese, apple and other that had had already been consumed).  I had to walk by it too many times.  I resisted the first three times.  On the four walk by I sliced off a little sliver.  Ultimately I gave into two slivers -- and I'm not lying when I say slivers.  It was maybe a 10th of a serving.

Often we read that you must not deny your sweet tooth, that by doing so will only cause a sweet-binge later.  I do know this, my sweet tooth is a powerful addiction. It is never sated.  But I did not give into it fully.  And, I actually regretted that I even bothered with those two slivers, and I'm thankful that my regret was just over such a small amount.  I would have had the same level of regret had I had two entire pieces.

My reflections for the week:

=> Measuring appeals to my inner geek -- even if I think that I'm not going to like the results, knowing that I'm going to have to account for my ingestables ensures that I'm going to be mindful of what I consume.
=> Writing keeps me honest -- further, though I would prefer to NOT shine the light of slippages,  I will.
=>  Listening to my body is important:  If I'm waking up tired and draggy then I'm asking too much too soon.  I ratcheted my exercise back in intensity and frequency.  Already I had made my initial goal.  
=> Celebrating my meeting 17% of my goal to lose 15 lbs is one way to embrace the positivity of vanquishing my muffinicity!


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