Angel Marie

Here is our new, big girl, Angel Marie.  She has some health issues, most notably tender feet from what appears to be some foot pad infection or allergic response.  She appears to have a yeast infection in her girlie-girl parts.  She goes to the vet today.

Like many of the dogs that I have transported over these 7 years of volunteer dog transport driving, she slept like a little baby.  I traveled to Windsor, VA, which is in a beautiful part of the state that is mostly known for peanut farms.  It was about a 1.75 hour trip.  I had originally planned to meet the volunteer halfway.  However, she had spent her Sunday afternoon at an adoption event.  Why make her drive more?  I arrived just after she was returning.

She had an adult female dog--looked to be a setter/hound mix-- and some cats.  Returning home after not findinga permanent home.  There's always the next week.  Nevertheless, this volunteer offers her home to these animals.  Hopefully we can get this girl's fee restored to good health.  They are a mess, and I'm sure it is painful.  But she is the most delightful girl.

Her night was restful.  She slept downstairs rather than in our bedroom.  My other two girls (formerly three) always slept upstairs, going up when I retired. They don't go downstairs until I do, even if they have to 'go' and even if Mark is already downstairs.  I guess I'm packmaster.

Angel Marie came upstairs this a.m. at rising time.  She is well-housebroken, and she did her business outside.  She sits in my office now as I write and work.  I marvel at how adaptable dogs are.  She is not showing any apprehension, taking everything in with quiet acceptance.  There's always something to be learned from another be it human or animal.

Back on measured living.  I'm counting on another good week of results.

Are you an animal lover?  Why not see what small thing that you can do to lighten the load among other volunteers?  Write a check for an amount that is comfortable for you.  Drop off some newspapers or bleach.  Karunda beds are great, and it is easy to donate them.  Karunda beds give shelters a durable, comfortable, clean bed to offer their guests.   


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