Making room in our home and hearts

We are opening up our home and hearts to this American Bulldog girl.  Her name is Angel Marie.  She has the same lovely brindling of our recently departed Macy. Angel was an owner surrender.  Divorced owners and upon moving, there was not a place that would accept dogs.  It is a commonplace problem.

I will get her this p.m.  She is sponsored by the Isle of Wight Humane Society -- like many rural areas, my own included-- a group of committed volunteers that offer their homes to foster these animals until a permanent situation is found.  She has some special needs for diet and allergies that we can accommodate.  She is 6 years old.  She is friendly to kittens, cats, children, babies and other dogs.  They said that she is one of the sweetest dogs that they have ever seen.  That says alot.  But there has not been much interest in her.  As she is a 'bully breed' there is often some reluctance  by those who are not familiar with the breed.  Plus, special needs provides another crimp in interest.

We will give her a nice home.  We are so used to the 3 dog dynamic, that even though I originally said, "No more dogs," my subconscious went ahead and did an American Bulldog search.  This girl popped up.  I saw her a couple of weeks ago.  This past weekend, my thoughts turned to her.  I hoped that she had been adopted.  I looked again.  She was still there.  Time to act.

She is spayed, heartworm negative. 


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