Knick knack paddy whack, give a dog a bone

This old woman came rolling home with a bag full of bones from Belmont Butchery.  Yes, I am awaiting my smoked bones from Northstar farms, but my household items cannot wait (nor can my arms) for their arrival.

I placed a call.  "Do you have dog bones?"   The man's voice at the end of the line says, "We have marrow bones that are fit for human consumption, but most people use them for dog bones."  I'm five minutes away--and I'm gonna get me summa that.  Tick tock! 5 minutes pass,  and I scored 5lbs of bones and 2 beautiful bone-in pork chops.

I break out the bone booty when I get home.

Daisey will not eat anything raw.  They found her at the Melfa dump on the Eastern Shore.  I have no idea what she was eating outside of garbage.  She turns her nose up at the bone.  Ella takes her bone and sequesters herself where no one will bother her.  Dexter, calmly takes the bone and is entertained while Mark and I enjoy a beer together and sit outside.  Angel also gets a bone.  I'm not quite sure of what her interest will be.  She engages it with defend with your life (if a canine choses to take it from her). She is not possessive to us.  Dog roommates--that's another story.  The bones cost $2.99/lb.  I can see amongst my four (Daisy this a.m. has acquired a taste for discarded bones).

I can see why Ask The Meatman sells a bones like adult diapers and diabetic supplies---delivered straight to your door.  The consumption rate is high.  Three bones are history after this evening.   I'm particularly happy to see how Angel is enjoying hers.  Bone meth.

I like that this butchery sells humanely raised and slaughtered animals.  While this is a bias that I have long held, I'm embarrassed to say that I wasn't willing to pay a multiple per lb to do that.  Yes, I understand the difference between and opinion (or bias) v. a real conviction that I was going to pay for.  Guilty as charged.

 Dexter also went to the vet for a visit.  He was excited to see new faces.  He behaved within uber-exuber, older puppy boundaries (which is not saying much), but did his puppy mouthing.  He weighs 47 lbs, not the 35 lbs I estimated.  That explains why I feel like I'm in Navy Seal training each time I do something with him.  He gets his vaccinations, and scheduled for neutering next week. It cannot come soon enough.


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