T Minus 2

Well, that's Dexter's manhood post-mortem.  He is minus two "t's"  He'll be the better for it.  The three girls are very interested in his vet smell and have their nose in his netherparts that have departed to the netherworld.

While the focus of our training is on Dexter, all of us will get on this training bandwagon.  My "Liver Bits" came today.  I was interested in a wholesome treat, and this fit the bill. (With the disaster with Angel reacting with a hive outbreak to the hot dogs!).  I have already treated them to it, and 3 out of 3 dogs trying it loved it.  Daisey is our "Mikey" (from the Life cereal commercials of way back when.)  We'll see if she likes them.  (Update 1:  Mikey/Daisey DOESN'T like them, but she doesn't like anything). (Update 2:  Mikey/Daisey loves them once she ate one (v. turning her nose up).

These liver bits are large, but they cut easily. No mess as they are freeze dried.  Seems to be an excellent value at $19.99 for 19.5 oz.


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