Two Weeks

We have now had Dexter 2 weeks.  His paws are fully healed, and he is integrating well with our family.  After much deliberation, I elected to get a prong collar for him.

Herman Sprenger Pressure Collar
It looks terrible, but I can vouch for its efficacy.  Rather than having my Allipython pulling like a mule--choking, coughing and dislocating my arm, I simply decided in favor of a training aid.

I certainly cannot give any credible advice, but I can have a travelogue on my journey.  added some links for dog training.  So, I'll elect to share the resources that I've found.

As with any 'discipline' there are a number of strong advocates/critics of 'this' v. 'that' method.  My goal is simply to have a training aid that will allow me to get and keep my dog's attention so that we are both safe.

I was very impressed with both Jeff Gellman's Solid K-9 training and Sean O'Shea's work.  They are contemporaries and have similar methods.   I watched several videos, and then carefully fitted Dexter with his collar.  The H. Sprenger collar is very well made, and I purchased mine from Amazon.  I also ordered extra links as my guy is going to get bigger.

I worked with Dexter on the deck with no distractions.  We then went for a walk.  It was easy.  No pulling.  If he got ahead, a simple flick of the risk brought him back.  99% of our FIRST WALK with this collar was with a slack lead.  He was happy and calm--a stark difference from where we started with a martingale only which had NO effect.

Anyway, I suppose that dog training is like raising children or spiritual disciplines.  Everyone has their own 'method'.  I did not beat my children, but I did ensure that they were contained when needed.  Accordingly, I'm not inclined to approach disciplining Dexter or any other of my dogs with beating.  However, there have been a couple of instances where the consequences were great running after people, cars, killing chickens, where harsher methods were used. (On dogs, not children!)  I don't believe that there is anything wrong with creating a great deal of discomfort and solidly linking it to an event (e.g. killing a chicken).  Tim, my neighbor, has meted out that lesson to both Lucy and Ella.  One dead chicken each.  One 'chicken man lesson'.  I'm fine with that.


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