Spice Girl Moves or Pas de deux, Angel and Dexter

My old girl, Angel Marie, a/k/a "Spice Girl" is showing off her moves with Dexter.  Since bringing Dexter home, she has been acting like a flirty girl.  He is enjoying this play with her.  Daisey and Ella will have nothing to do with him.She is definitely reinvigorated, and she is doing so much better in the last month now that her allergies are under control.

However...I used hot dogs as training treats for Dexter.  Naturally I passed them around for the other dogs.  After about the second consumption of these treats, she came up to me, and I looked at her.  Something that she had lain on made her coat all ruffly.  I quickly realized that the 'roping' was hives.  Upon closer inspection her belly entire underside had thick red whelping -- really monstrously large patches--larger and worse under her throat and also visible underneath her smooth coat. 

Every home should be well-stocked with Benadryl. I  quickly found online the Benadryl dosing (1ml per lb).  I had 25 ml pills, and she got three.  I also put cold compresses on her.  The hives soon went away.  Poor girl.  We have to be so vigilant with her. 


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