139 Days with Dexter

Grass makes me gag!

Here's Dexter after 139 days in our care.  He has gained 10 13 lbs and lost his num-nums, since coming to us as a young dog, below.  He has muscles and his body are hard and lean.

Below is the picture that I took to report him the authorities--in the case that he was missed by someone.  He was not missed. What you cannot see is his bloodied footpads.  Thankfully, they healed pretty quickly.

 He has come a long way from then to now.  His head has broadened, and he has bulked up.  Nevertheless, he still has not grown into his ears.

He is a precious, sweet boy.  Though he loves all new people, I'm confident that he would protect us if need be.  He is fearless.  I've not seen one thing that he has encountered that has scared him.


He so loves Angel.  She has wandered into his puppy lair in this picture.  They spar a bit and then they rested quietly.  Angel sleeps most of the time, but enjoys her roust-a-bouts with Dexter which is good exercise for her.  Even my diminutive English Setter, Ella, enjoys playing with Dexter.  But Daisey will have nothing to do with him.

All he really wants is a wild romp with someone.  At our geriatric dog household, he will be left wanting for that. He has livened things up.


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