Tonight's Canine Cuisine

Last evening., our crew of 4 had beef heart as our lean meat selection (from that 60lb frozen rectangle that I wrangled with).  I mixed it with macaroni and red lentils (both cooked; meat raw).  I added necessary accoutrements such as bone meal and sardines;however, in retrospect, I did not need the sardines as beef heart has lots of B12. Strombeck uses sardines to supplement for B12, typically found in organ meats. I guess they got an extra dosing of B12  Because I was using beef, I used walnut oil as recommended by Steve Brown to balance the fats.

(Steve does not use carbohydrates, but does use vegetables, but I'm following Strombeck and Pitcairn on this addition of carbs.  They,. too advocate,vegetables, and my dogs have ALWAYS enjoyed eating vegetables.  So long as my dogs' have acceptable scat and body condition and the right balance of carbs/meat then I'm confident that they are processing these carbohydrates just fine. This statement made despite the many admonishments that carbs do not belong in a dog's diet as well .   Plus, I'm using lean meats, ).  They did not get any vegetables with this dish as I had not ground up any in the meat, as I do with I grind their poultry from the restaurant supply place.

Now that I'm in a routine, my comfort level is so much higher.  Given that my vegetable ratio to meat in my underlying grinds is pretty high, it will not hurt to skip a few vegetables. I did add a dollop of pumpkin and cottage cheese.

It is next to impossible to work in the kitchen now, as any time I'm fixing anything in the kitchen, the canine minions converge.  My next spill will be in the kitchen from tripping over a dog.


At least they get excited about their meals.  But in fairness, they were excited when I used canned dog food as a topper to their kibble.  And, in fairness again, their poop is much more pleasant now.


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