Cat Nutrition, again | Taking a Spill

Cat Nutrition:  I am happy to report that my two cats are robustly eating their new cat food.  In just a short amount of time, I can tell that Wyatt is putting on much-needed weight.  Of course, they still may turn their noses up at it.  I'm not sure where the fine line of demarcation is between being picky v. making a smart choice.  But with the ingredient inspection, I'm confident that even though it is still commercial, the ingredients have been kicked up a notch.

My mind is at ease, but my cheeks have the tinge of shame on them for not being more proactive in changing their food.  To be sure,  I made them a perfectly lovely fresh, wholesome diet, and they enjoyed one meal and refused the next refused it.   That was not surprising behavior, but because I prepared it from wholesome, feline-approriate food, it was not a quality issue.

 Taking a Spill:  On Sunday, I was out with Dexter and managed to have my legs knocked out from under me and landing squarely on my behind.  The ground was frozen, and it was a long-hard drop.  Dexter was on topping of me, and I could barely move as the wind was knocked from me and I was hurting pretty badly.

I was yelling for Mark, but he did not hear me.  He did look out the window and saw what seemed to be Dexter and I rolling around on the ground.  He cam to assist me.

Coming off the ground and limping into the house was that critical period of asking "How badly hurt am I?"  The importance of immediately getting ice on the injury is something that I'm well used to.  If the swelling can be contained, that will go a long way toward helping manage the pain.  I immediately took some chocolate cake and milk along with two Naprox.  I got right on the ice pad.  It made all the difference in the world.  My bones are bruised back there, and standing or sitting for long periods was painful.  Today, two days out, is much better.

Under jaw dog-head whack:  This was a particularly painful jolt which involved Dexter springing full force up as I was bending over him.  The result is that my bottom jaw was slammed shut.  The only reason why my teeth were not jarred is because my tongue softened the blow.  Man-o-man did that knock me for a loop. My tongue is still sore.

What a week...I've been lucky three times (counting the freezer tumble).  Maybe the 4th time will not be so lucky.

Of course, my health outcomes could have been much worse, and these are all things that will heal.  But I'm sore.  Fortunately, I'm still quite strong and physically active, but when the day comes when I'm not, I don't need a quite strong and physically active dog.


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