Scoring at the Salvage Store

My sister is in town, and I was headed over to my parent's house (about 30 minutes away).  My spidey senses whispered intensely, "Stop at the salvage store."  It is not on the way, but I trust my spidey senses.  Plus, I wanted to get some more pumpkin.  They have the big pumpkin 29 oz cans for .99.  That is a deal.  I eat pumpkin in my oatmeal and provide it to my dogs on a limited basis.

I heeded my instincts.  Bonanza!

I'm not baking this year.  Rather, I'm putting together Christmas bags which consists of food items with Xmas tissue paper enclosed in a nice insulated shopping tote.  The salvage place is a great place to find interesting items that are both high quality and well-priced.  So I can put together a really nice bag for 1/3 the price.  I call these my Hermione Bags....

Of course they had pumpkin.  I got some more of that.  It is a staple in my diet, and it is just less than 1/2 price of what I can get it at the warehouse club.  I got some more of the olive bruschetta to go in my gift bags.  Truly yummy and pretty to boot.

  • for my cousin who is having to equip a second household, I bought some lovely Libby glasswear.  (I had already bought some for myself, and when I checked the prices, they were about 1/3 of what they sell for
  • Gold Bond Ultimate lotion:  20 oz at less than 1/2 price.  It's good stuff
  • Mestemacher Bread Sunflower Seed, 17.6-Ounce:  Wow, this stuff is seriously good, and at a seriously good price of  .99 and a best buy date of 10/2015.  I plan to get is that well priced, that healthy and that good.
  • More salt/pepper grinders at 1/3 price
  • Redmond facial mud at less than 1/2 off.  Lovely treat for one's face
  • Macaroni:  10lb of macaroni price at 4.99.  I bought 5 bags; and another woman saw my bags and bought the balance.  If I can get macaroni at .50/lb, (and it is a staple in our dog's homemade diets mixed with raw meat and sardines), then I get it.
  • Sriracha Hot Chile Sauce: less than 1/2 price.  This stuff is oh-so-good, and will go in the gift bags
  • Grandma's Molasses:  about 1/3 off of what you can buy at Walmart.  A deal, but not an exceptional deal.  I'll make some molasses cookies for xmas with these.
  • Planter's Cocoa Almonds:  These are were priced at $6.99, and the are ~$13 at the warehouse store.  In the bag!


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