Appliance Repair | Part 2

Part 1 of this post is here.  After installing the thermostat, cleaning the lines (more on that), the dryer (due to MASSIVE blowback), it was clear, after running a load of clothes, that there were still problems.

I actually thought the line was clear because (confession time), I ran a leaf blower through the line.  Now, my confession is that it was a gas powered back pack Husqvarna.  Yes, I know that you don't run gas motors inside, but I was only going to do it for a minute.  Even with all the best rationalization, it was not a wise thing to do.  You would be surprised how much noxious fumes are emitted.  I opened the doors, let out all of my cool air into the humid Virginia midday heat, and I ran a fan. 

Yeah, it was a stupid woman trick. Two minutes worth was about 30 minutes of clearing the air.  Kick.

Due to the size of the leaf blower, I didn't get ANY blowout of crud.  Granted, I hadn't wrapped a towel around or anything else.  Given that it blows at about 200 mph, I figured that I didn't need to.  Plus, I just couldn't manage it.  (It is a monstrosity).

Mark suggested we consider getting a Makita hand held blower (battery powered).  I ordered one, and he picked it up at Home Depot.  It was smaller than I expected, but it worked fine blowing the line out.  There was an embarrassingly large payday.

The hand held blower will be a great tool around the house for quick clean ups--if not for anything more than blowing that @$%^%$#$@&^^ duct out.



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