Thug Nation

A presidential candidate wants to "punch" speakers of an opposing convention because they say things that he doesn't like.  He belittles others through derisive name calling--to include gender, ethnicity and physical characteristics--things that one is born with and have no control over.  If any of this happened on a playground, as parents, many of us would point to the offender and call his/her out rightly as a bully.  Further, we would as for an intervention by the child's parents and ensure that our teachers provided a safe environment for our children.  After enough violations, the child would be expelled in school.

Have we become thug nation where this behavior has such wide appeal that one of our political parties would nominate such an individual as a presidential candidate? For all of the empty and plagiarized "Trump-talk" about values, we are reminded that walking the walk talking the talk is much easier than talking the talk walking the walk. (OOPs) And if history is to teach us anything is that fear-mongering  and ego-mania  are  a combustible mix that burnishes the bearer’s name on the pages of history.  And not on the pages that we underline in admiration, but on those that we revile.


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