Conclusion:  I am happy to report that my FD project is under contract.  It's a long road from contract to closing--something that I've never contemplated as I've never bought a house to live in for myself (as we built ours).   The house...soon to be a home...will be inspected today and undergo appraisal and other tire kicks.

The selling agent reported to my agent that he had been showing this couple various houses for over eight months.  (And they had just gotten married a couple of weeks before). Within 30 seconds of walking in the front door, they concluded that this was the home that they were looking for--a place to stay for the next 30 years (one of the husband's requirements) and raise a family.  In terms of quality of home, neighborhood and the lot, it fits the bill of nurturing a family for a good while, without any worries over maintenance.  And the interior and systems are new--so trouble free enjoyment is guaranteed.

So long as all goes well, we will CONCLUDE this project.  I do my happy dance (hopping, twirling and clapping hands), only at closing.  Nevertheless, it is a real treat to not have any 'to do's' on this project. 

This is the second project in my growing portfolio of renovations.  Like people, each home is different.  It is very exciting to explore that personality, and plan a renovation that really makes it shine.


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