Here it is, the the ungrouted patio on my SR project.  It is beautiful, and I'm thrilled.  Today the brick layers will use a grout bag and mortar the joints.

The patio is just the right size....neither too big, nor too small.  The pattern is herringbone run on a 90 v. a 45.  From every direction it has a beautiful look.

This area will provide a lovely area to which the new owners can provide their own flair.  That this home had NO outdoor space (particularly in the neighborhood that it is in) was a major detriment.  It started to rain, so the bricklayers put up the little tent.  It reminded me of a funeral tent...

My agent and I looked at properties yesterday.  In one I took a tumble.  An old house that had a step down--I made the first step but the second step was a wedge.  No harm done, but thank goodness I have a reflexive ankle that gave immediately (and there were not hard corners to hit my head on).   I sprained my ankle once on a step down into a sunken living room.  Not really a great design for clumsy people like me!

We looked at another property today--absolutely nothing redeeming about it other than the county and the school system.  At the price offered, the location of the property (close to busy road), the poor layout and condition of the home, for the amount of money needed to rehab the property, it just wasn't worth it--even at a steep discount from the current offer.


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  1. What a beautiful patio. We just had our steel patio installed last year. We have used it a whole bunch of times and we are now the "gathering" house. But I do love what you have done with your patio. The stones are beautiful.