I'm still toying around with my grass pictures that I took a couple of weekends ago.  I sure like this rendition which I achieved using the posterizing and inversion layers. It is just 'hack' work, but something that delights me.

With all the talk of the fiscal cliff, and all manner of gridlock and other related goofiness, I offer this wonderful verse:

In the time of war
Raise in yourself the Mind of Compassion
Help living beings
Abandon the will to fight
Wherever there is a furious battle
Use all you might
To keep both sides' strength equal
And then step into the conflict to reconcile.

Vimalakirti Nirdesa

This sutra has always resonated with me.  There's a dynamic tension in the sutra that might seem at odds with our Western thinking---but it is worth contemplating the ideas of polarity, equality and ultimately reconciliation.  "Step into the conflict to reconcile" is such an action oriented phrase--and it is a useful one for us to follow in our every day life.

You may find Robert Thurman's translation of the Vimalakriti Nirdesa Sutras at this link


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