We had lovely weather this weekend.  I was on EPA cleanup duty on my home for Saturday--inside duty.  With the two remodel projects underway, our home suffers from our attention elsewhere.  I cleaned windows, dusted, vacuumed and purged everywhere I could.  The sad thing was that I still have so much more to do.  Nevertheless, it was a good start.

As part of my decluttering, I am consciously keeping a box around to put 'stuff' in that I will take the CHKD Thrift Store.  One particular item, a pretty crystal bell given to me by someone I worked with as a summer temp at a state office for advocacy for people with disabilities. Pam W was confined to a wheelchair with either MS or MD--I no longer remember which.  What she lacked in mobility, she made up for with tireless advocacy of accessibility.  I surely admired her.  I believed that she has since passed.   This was back in the early 80's.  She gave me the bell as parting gift.

So after more than 30 years, I put the bell in and out of the CHKD box three times.  I finally put it in there for good--and managed to leave it in there.  That little crystal bell will be cherished by another. Many of these items that I have hold meaning to me, but they also take up space.  And after an adult lifetime of having stuff that sticks to me, I have to unstick some of these items.  My personal velcro must be mighty strong--that piece almost did not unstick. Unfortunately, I have many other velcroed items.

Yesterday, we another lovely day.  The FR project needed a few touches prior to listing--which included my removing paint spots from different surfaces (Geez!).  My contractor power washed, and it looked like they exposed some loose paint and perhaps some rot in a fascia board.  Both the paint and the fascia board will need to be repaired. Geez, again...why didn't they tell me they found that when they were power washing, and they could have fixed it? 

I then worked my way back to my SR project where I had to water the landscape plants--both new and transplanted.  I stopped to get some lunch at t nearby shopping center.  I sat outside, and I spied a former work colleague emerging from the restaurant.  How wonderful to see face from a former life.  We both are getting older--so we each had to do a double take to register.  I saw her and after about two beats said her name, "Kitty!?" to which she responded.  I quickly said my own name, for she was on take one and didn't know who I was. (She's used to seeing me in business attire).  Hugs and brief chat.  I then packed up my hand made chips and spied a family walking around a fountained pond.

I grabbed my camera, my chips and headed toward the geese.  The gaggle above is of them.  As I looked through my pictures, I could not help but notice the symmetry in which they moved about each other.

There was some pretty grasses too, and I took this picture.

 I just loved the symmetry of the grass and the gentle bend of the fronds.  The sky was a beautiful blue, I minimized this picture.

If you are an amateur PhotoShop user as I am, you can find a great step by step way to 'render' some of your photographs using this tutorial.  It was fun to take some pictures, do some 'artistic' renderings, and just otherwise admire and be inspired by nature.

Now to get to more concrete matters.....  Here are some progress pics from pouring the footings.
Because the drain pipe is not suspect for carrying the weight of the truck, wheel barrows are used to be filled and then shaken--like a concrete martini!

  I cannot wait to share with you the completed patio.


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