My title is not for the content of last night's election, but rather for my decision to stay up until both Romney and Obama had delivered their speeches.  Far past my bedtime, but admittedly, I snoozed for a brief time between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.

I watched NBC's coverage.  The low + high point of the coverage occurred at the same time: Brian Williams' reporting (under duress apparently because it was 'out there' and accordingly making it a reporting imperative) of Donald Trump's tweets.  You can click on the link if you are one of a handful of individuals who is on line and has not stumbled upon Donald Trump's tweets.  The irony of his comments is that he feels that through our election process and a result that he was unhappy about, "the world is laughing at us."  Is it possible that the laughter that Donald is hearing is not the world laughing at our electoral process but rather laughing at Donald?  I would call him a horse's ass, but that would impugn innocent horses derrieres everywhere.  I'm unwilling to do that.

On both the national and state level (VA for me), the election was divisive.  A political analyst on PBS said it well some time ago:  The goal is not so much convincing voters that you are the best candidate, but rather convincing others that the 'other guy/gal' is the worst candidate.   That's paraphrased (likely badly) of course, but in the span of less than a minute, it is much easier to disparage the other candidate than share your vision for the future. 

If we can channel all of that energy aimed on drawing the hard issue/party lines into breaking down the barriers of party lines and working toward a a unified shared outcome, our government process (v. our election process) will fortify our nation's spirit and engender hope that is not unfounded when it is carried on the collective back of clarity of vision for desired outcomes, hard work, compromise and a deep seated belief that true unity can be forged in the face of common problems.  (I realize that is an impossible long sentence--but I'm going with it). 

And in closing, I thought that Obama's acceptance speech was well done in every respect--and it was worth staying up late and being exposed to Donald Trump's idiocy.


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