Post Sandy

In Central Virginia, we were lucky to not be ravaged by Sandy.  Isabel and Irene did plenty to my county of New Kent--so dodging the bullet was welcomed--however, that she inflicted such misery on our northerly neighbors is terrible.  We received some wind--no more so than what we would get on a good, blustery March day--and some rain.  That our power didn't flicker nary once was a surprise.  We did get some dead wood that came down here an there--but as sporadic as a lottery win. 

In front of the storm is was impossible to tell what magnitude we might get in winds/rain.  Preparedness is still the best policy--even though some will moan about 'overhype' in the event that a storm fails to deliver the wind, rain and storm surge goods.  Unfortunately, in those instances of seeming 'overhype' (when one must rely on weather models, chicken bones and tea leaves), people foolishly rely on those to justify not evacuating.  I'm not a big believer in defiantly shaking one's fist at Mother Nature. At some point in the storm's unfolding (much like delivering a baby and waving off an epidural), there's a point of no return (and no epidural) if one's expectations are exceeded by the event.

The non-event became a period of days to get things done around the house in preparation for the storm.  And during the storm, to continue that practice.  I'm systematically 'de-cluttering', and this was a break in time where I had finished my client deliverables, and it was unsafe to travel on the roads that I could concentrate on my home--rather than a project home.

We do our part to recycle cardboard, newspaper, glass and aluminum cans.  Our waste vendor, County Waste, has introduced single stream recycling.  I am thrilled. Not only is there a single bin to put the recyclables in, but also each week, our recyclables get picked up.  No more sorting, accumulating and then hauling to the dump (for recycling).  It makes a HUGE difference in our household...and will help with the de-cluttering.  Further, we will more comfortably add plastic recycling and bi-metal cans.  Having one more bin to sort bi-metal cans and plastics was just too much on top of the cardboard, newspaper, bottles and cans. We did employ the great Polytex bags that our dog and catfood came in as terrific recycling containers.  They are strong and convenient...but even so, I'm glad to not have to rely on them so heavily.
Minka Lavery The Great Outdoors 9143-407 Wall Mounted Sconce
Mark and I worked at the SR project yesterday.  He hung the light fixtures in the garage and in three of the bedrooms, in addition to the two large lights out front.  The light to the right is a Minka Lavery "Kent Place"light.  It is a large, heavy light.  But it looks terrific outside.  I had to regroup on the interior lights for the den and the kitchen.
Tiffany Style 14 1/2" Wide Striped Art Glass Ceiling Light

I elected to get three of the the Tiffany Style 141/2 wide Striped Art Glass Ceiling Light from LampsPlus.  This light is going over the 'table' area in the kitchen and is replacing two outdated ceiling fans in the den.  There is a slate floor in the den and kitchen, and this seemed to be the best choice.  I think that it fits with the room, but it may not suit the style of the new owners.  Nevertheless, it is the style that I've chosen.

I still am working on the cherry cabinets, and that will continue this week.  I'm taking the day off today and working around the house on my de-clutterization bliztz.


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