Pet Obesity

I was in my vet's office the other day.  There was a fantastic poster on pet obesity.  I was looking for it on the web.  I did not find it, but I found Matt Beswick' below an be transported.

Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Click below to see the full size version.
Pet Obesity Infographic

RAW Hold Out
I am ashamed to say that I had one dog, Macy, who was overweight.  I think that Ella is packing a few extra El Bees. She has long hair, and it masks her expanding middle. With Dexter in our mix, we are all moving around more.  I'm also confident that with Ella on the raw diet, she will drop weight.  Because Daisey is so active, I never worry about her.  In fact, getting her to eat enough is a problem.  Angel...very low activity level due to type of dog and age.  I'm confident that her raw diet will keep her weight manageable.

RAW Food Update:  Three of out four dogs are doing well so far on  the RAW diet.  Since we are not doing a controlled study, I'm unclear as to the origins of Angel's new found spunkiness--fall weather?  Nupro supplement?  Raw diet?  Combo of all three?  We love that she has so much more vitality than when she first came to our home.

Ella Food Thief?
Angel Food Thief?
We are not a lab here--and clearly I lack basic controls. I thought Daisey had enjoyed her RAW food when in fact, she's not touched it since that first day. I now surmise, that the disappearance was a nefarious act on the part of a greedy and quick food thief name either Angel or Ella.  My money is on Angel...but how I missed her lumbering over to Daisey's spot is a mystery.  In my defense, I was making dinner.  Or maybe it wasn't a lumberer at all, and it was Ella.  One of the above is guilty.
Dexter:  I was tied inside...I'm innocent.

Dexter was a detainee inside.  He is presumed innocent.  He can have no freedom, inside or out due to his highly destructive puppy tendencies.  His mouth is like a Sawzall.  Most recently he chewed on the window sill.  That is NOT a good thing.  He had plenty of chew toys.

Regardless of attribution of guilt, they are all happy to be on their new food--though I am still giving kibble too. But rather than ignoring the kibble, they are eating it all with gusto. With our vacation coming up, my son isn't going to be feeding them raw.  So keeping a thread of consistency is good.

Since coming to our home, Dexter has been plagued by gooey stools.  With his raw diet, his stool is quite firm now with much less volume.  That's a good thing. 


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