Dog Toys

This is Polly the Pig from   It is extremely well made.  Dexter loves it. I saw higher retail prices on it, but I see that has them priced about 50% higher than I paid for them.  So, I save a 1/3.

I also have the lamb, they call him Sherman.  I call him Too Cute as with the pig.  Our goal for Dexter is to keep his mouth engage while we are petting him.  These toys do an excellent job. (As well as his duck from Big Lots!).

Shopping at the salvage store (or Big Lots or thrift stores)  is like going on a treasure hunt.  You never know what you might find.  One Christmas, I was cruising through the aisles, and my magpie eye (which catches the glint of shiny things) spied a shiny handle on an above eye level shelf.  Hmmm....this is a nice pan.  It was a Scanpan.  I made my purchase for $19.99 and then went home and Googled it.  The cheapest I could find it was $135.99.  I promptly went back to the store and purchased the other 5 (total of 6 in stock).

I have found expensive olive oils, sherry wine vinegar (from the source!), painting supplies, German Barrel Pickles, dog food (the really good stuff) at amazing prices.  There are some things to watch. Not all deals are good deals.  They also have some great cleaning products at very favorable prices.  And bread is .99, and it is NOT out of date but will be soon.  I'll take 1/2 price and 1/3 of price or even 1/15th the price in the case of the ScanPan.  (Which by the way I gave as Christmas gifts and it is the favorite pan of all that I gave it to--and ours too!).

But....there are things to avoid too....some things are just too far out of date to bother with.  Vigilance is always a welcome quality when shopping for bargains.


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