We are down at the beach with Dexter in tow.  He is being boarded at  Ocean Sands K-9 resort.  This gives Reade a break.  He only has to has to take care of 3 low maintenance dogs.  Dexter was able to ride with us for 4+ hours.  I had an idea that he would likely sleep the entire ride down.  It was not an idea that became a truth.

Dexter was very animated most of the way down in between munching on  the knuckle bone that we drove back to get after we were about 1 mile down the road and realized the error of not having some occupation for Dexter's mouth.

Turtle Boy after 2 mile beach walk
We arrived at 4:15 p.m.  Dexter needed to be checked in by 5 pm. As soon as we walked in the door, they called out Dexter's name.  He eagerly turned the corner to greet the caller.  Dexter was immediately made to feel welcome.  We were invited back to put his bedding in this kennel and his pig.  Mark changed his shirt, and put the t-shirt that he was wearing on Dexter's bed.  They slipped his collar off of him, shut the gate, and we signed the paperwork.  As we were out the door, Dexter
had been fed, and let out into the yard to do business.  All of the animals were calm, and it was surprisingly quiet for kennel. 

The kennel was closed on Sunday for visits unless we were to pay an upcharge.  I could use a Dexter-free day.  However, today, Monday, we 'sprang' Dexter.  He was resting quietly and comfortably when we went back to his kennel.  We put his "out for a trip" placard on his kennel and loaded him up.  We shepherded him back to the house we were staying and took him out to the beach for a long walk.

I had the 50ft lead to his martingale collar, and a 6 ft lead attached to the Herm Sprenger collar.  Dexter is so animated around other dogs, I wanted to ensure that I had total control over him.  To be clear, the Herm Sprenger collar is a 'heads up' collar.  He acts better with it on whether or not it is engaged with the leash.  I'll take that.

Dexter was nothing short of being a delight.  He did not bark at any of the dozen or so dogs that we met along the way.  No lunging.  No pulling. He was wary of the water, but not scared.  Several people came up to him, needing a dog fix.  He is always eager to make new friends.

After our walk, we watered him, and he plopped down on the cool concrete.   We then spirited him away.  He went right into the building, and he went right back to his kennel.  He yipped a bit after we left him, but quickly settled in.

He was The picture above is Dexter in "turtle boy" position after his 2+ mile walk on the beach.  While kenneling him is an expense, it also gives us a 'training opportunity'.  Riding in the car, meeting LOTS of different people, being exposed to other dogs both in the kennel and on the beach, and perhaps most importantly, building trust that we are going to keep him in a safe facility and come back for him are all lessons that we are can give him at a pretty fare price that also give us peace of mind and some freedom to enjoy our vacation.

Yes, he is a happy boy.


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