Vacation Post Mortem

We made it back to town on yesterday, traveling on perhaps the nicest weather day of the week!  The weather during our stay ranged from partly cloudy to rainy/windy to downright tempestuous with gale force winds and seas that were frightening to view.  Nevertheless, we enjoyed each and every day.

Our time together with friends was both relaxing and fun.  Part of the charm of the beach is watching the ocean's reaction to the the sky and wind conditions.  With all of the weather variations, we were able to see the multifaceted face of the sea.  I consciously did not bring my camera.  When I bring my camera, I don't take pictures.  When I don't bring my camera, I wished I had brought it.  No more leaving it behind.

Boarding Dexter, gave us a chance to visit Colington.  I'll write a review of the boarding facility there.  We found a lovely cafe, The Salt Box, and enjoyed simply prepared but incredibly delicious food.  Because we had daily visits with Dexter, we were able to take him to different places and give him different experiences--in addition to the experience of knowing that he would always be picked up.  During our daily excursions we
  • visited Jockey Ridge State Park.  We visited this area because the gale-force winds prevented our walking on the oceanside.  The sand was being blown so hard on the beach that we were afraid that Dexter's eyes would be sand blasted like our calves! Jockey Ridge had a nice protected area on the sound side.  It has the distinction of being the tallest sand dune on the Atlantic coast.  We found persimmon-laced scat.  I'm unsure from what animal, but I did find the smallest persimmon tree ever laden with fruit at varying degrees of ripeness.  I did eat one ripe fruit.  It was delicious and reminiscent of finding a golden jewel on the wild persimmon tree on the route we would ride our horses.
  • visited the Wright Brothers Memorial.  The park has wonderful paved pathways for bike riding and walking.  Our trip was very short as I was not feeling well from what turned out to be a 24-hour bug that at least 3 out of 26 of us got at the beach.  Thankfully it was short-lived.  
  • Took 3 long (3-4 miles)  ocean-side beach walk.  Dexter was on a 50 foot lead, ratcheted to a 6 food lead on the "Hermanator" 1 when we encountered other people/pets.  Dexter loves everyone and bounds towards people (which we correct).  
    • Several people who owned pitbulls asked to approach and pet Dexter.  He is a love bug and enjoyed it greatly.  We enjoyed hearing about the dogs these folks have.  They were able to get their pet fix in.  
    • He enjoyed chasing seaweed and seafoam blown by the wind.  
    • He chased some sea birds to no avail.  
    • He kept his feet dry by artfully dodging the waves washing up to shore.
    It cost $175 to board Dexter, but I considered it a 'training' fee--and a darn cheap one at that!-- as well as a convenience fee for Reade.  Reade's schedule is such that between work and school, he had limited time.  Four dogs would have just been one dog too many with Dexter in the mix.  Absent boarding him, we would not have been able to have these daily training sessions.  Money well spent.  We've been back home a day now, and his behavior is leagues better.

    Oh, but we were sorely missed by the girls who were left behind.  Dexter missed his sissies, too.  Ella and Daisey did not miss him so much, but Angel was overjoyed to see him.

    Our big dinner--the dinner that my team had to prepare for 23 people--was a success. I made a prosciutto, spinach and Parmesan stuffed pork loin roast.  It was absolutely delicious--perfectly cooked- and well-received.  It was my first time butterflying a loin roast, and I did a pretty decent job.  Though my technique can improve.  If you would like to see a video on how to do this, check out Chef John at Food Wishes for fantastic videos that are high quality and high content.  However, we did not win the dinner competition.  Sniff!  Yet, we were all winners in that we all were able to enjoy the fruits of the labor of others.

    1 The Hermanator is the Herman Sprenger training collar--power steering for your dog.


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