As part of my non-resolutions, I'm cleaning up, clearing out, and making a non-vow to maintain. I have my handy Brother is invaluable in labeling folders that allow you to see type v. scribble.

I wrote the following to one of Mark's classmates about friendship.  I write it here to memorialize it so that I can throw away the piece of paper.

Friendships.  We are certainly buoyed in the turbulent sea of life through our friendships.  Few relationships are richer than that of a true friend.  They help us reflect without judging us; make no demands on us; lend an ear to hear our troubles; lend a hand when we stumble or need help; and truly lean in to give us the emotional suport and physical fortitude to meet life's many challenges.  Spouses come and go; our pets die too quickly.  However, it is our friends that remain constant--our bridge to the past--our anchor in the present--and a guaranteed friendly face in the future.  I tell young people that the delight in getting older is that their friendships deepen--and that is truly one of the greatest blessings that can be bestowed upon us.


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