Salvage Store and Other Stuff

The salvage store nearby is a great place to find great bargains on 'stuff'.  Because the inventory turns over so quickly, there are always great finds.  But you have to get it quick or it is gone, though I have noted a few things that have languished for some time--largely due to the expiration date to be far too long in the past even for the most intrepid risk takers.

Post holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's day), there are always confections available at extraordinary prices.  Let's face it, confections will last 10 years, so if it is one month out, I don't call that intrepid risk taking.

My recent visit yielded these fabulous Lebkuchen cookies.  Below is from the German website (this was an imported product. Great for the tastebuds, not for the waistline--the cookie is 1/3 ground nuts.  Though not too sweet it has an amazing 'tooth'.  I'm hoping there will not be any of them there my next visit..  If you see these anywhere, get them.

The store also had San Marzano peeled tomatoes in the 6lb can (imported from Italy).  It said "with basil."  I'm not a big fan of 'with basil' tomato products, so I only bought 2 cans.  Well the product had real basil in it, not basis 'flavor'.  I made some marinara sauce , and I have to say it is a product superior to any that I've had.  On my next trip back, sold out. Sniff!

I'm on post holiday detox now, having eaten indiscriminately over the holidays.  The older one gets the greater one pays for those indiscretions!

January is almost over, and I will have reached my goal of having dug out of 2015 'stuff'.  It feels good.


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