The Colors of Noise

While my preference is to have a book in hand, I do have some books that I've downloaded from Amazon and read through their cloud reader.  One way to be part of the family while still concentrate on the reading while in the midst of others watching TV is to don some headphones.

Unfortunately, I cannot listen to music and read the stuff that I'm trying to understand--even if I'm trying to only get a glancing blow of understanding.  (Currently I'm reading David Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order; if I get 10% of it, I will feel like I've achieved something).

Data below shamefully co-opted from here

Colour                 Range                    Sounds like

Violet               15-30KHz           Gas escaping, angry snake
Blue                   7-15KHz            Light breeze, aerosol, hihats
Green               3kHz-7KHz         Bacon frying, acid on concrete
Yellow              1kHz-3KHz         Rain, distant waterfall
Orange            500Hz-1KHz        River, city ambience
Red                 250Hz-500Hz      Airplane cabin, train/car interior
Brown              50Hz-250Hz       Thunder, distant plane/rocket
Black                   0-50Hz            Explosion rumble, near infrasonic, subbass

If you have a set of headphones and wish to dissolve outside noise, may I recommend a 'deep brown' or smoothed brown noise for your consummption.  Here's one of my favorites

Youtube is replete with several rendition.  Brown noise sounds like riding in an airplane, though I see this description relegated to red noise.

In honor of David Bowie's passing, donning some ear phones and listening to some brown noise and pretending to be Rocket Man and remembering this great talent would be a fitting tribute.


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