Snow! Birds!

Our area, just east of Richmond,  received significant snow:  10"  The nature of this storm is that there were very narrow bands of this system that yielded sign

It is dry, powdery, but occults the ground, so the birds are relying, gratefully, on handouts.  While most head to the grocery store for bread and milk (nary a pint to be had at my store from accounts, I didn't need any), we head to Southern States to ensure that our feathered friends can get an easy meal to make it through the snow covered food table.

We have several hanging feeders, but we have to be mindful of ground feeders.  Mourning doves and juncos are ground feeders, while the titmouse, cardinals, ever-greedy finches, chickadees, downey woodpeckers will eat at the feeder (if a !#$^%$^#%$^ finch will move).  As I write, the @!#^%$^$%^ finches have been replaced by the #Q!^%$%&&^%& black birds or crows that descend out of the sky like a black plague.  Oh well...I guess they need to eat too.

To accomodate ground (or horizontal surface) feeders, you can clear a spot on the ground, or use carboard or plywood over snow, turnover a trash can etc, that will yield a horizontal surface.  Clear off your deck rail or underneath your patio table.  If you put seed down, they will come.  Also, underneath your vehicles is a nice protected spot--particularly accessible with taller vehicles likes trucks/suv's.

I make a slurry of fats (shortening, bacon, peanut butter) by mixing whatever is on hand, microwaving and mixing with millet mix.  I stuff it in suet holders or onion bag, or simply put it on a deck table or rail.  I have dogs, so putting it on the ground is a guarantee that that it will get snarfed up.



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