Not to a new political or religious persuasion, but rather I converted my blog over to the theme that I know and love from the Perplexed Investor, my original blog.

I'm sure that I have some goofiness embedded in this blog from that one in that I used the template.  I did change the header easily enough.  I just did not enjoy the template I was in after the original Leisa Land template ceased to work with modifications from Blogger.  You want to read in a comfortable chair, and you want to write in a beautiful space.

Not that I mind the modifications from Blogger.  Blogger, like the early computer software, has become more click and edit rather than the CSS hardcoding that one had to learn to make modifications.   I learned it just well enough to fumble about.

My anniversary dinner was just lovely.  Unfortunately, eating shellfish at night makes for uneasy rest.  We had oyster cocktail, shrimp, crab and scallops.  My spicy avocado sauce for the crab was a bit too ambitiously spiced from the Serrano chiles from the garden.  It was good nonetheless!

I'm in beverage provision mode for my daughter's wedding, that is quickly coming upon us.  I was at Sam's and fetched a variety of wine.  I hate to admit it, but I did by some 1.5 ltr bottles of Pinot Grigio (Barefoot) and (gasp!) Arbor Mist Strawberry Mango.  I want to offer 'wine' for people who drink 'wine' but don't really drink wine (with no qualification).  Both of these are very accessible and enjoyable, and I want to have an offering for folks who enjoy this genre of wine.

I also bought some regular Moscato (as my step mom likes sweet wine), Sauvignon Blanc and 14 hands and Apothic labels of red wine.  Those will appeal to folks who like dry selections in both the white and red wines. I think I'll also pick up some 1.5 ltrs of Chardonay and Shiraz from the good folks at Yellow Tail.  Ubiquitous wine to be sure--but there is a reason for mass appeal and I plan to honor that. Good wines, without being too pricey.  Beer will be the next provisioning.  I want to have enough, but not too much. Naturally I have developed a spreadsheet  that will 'anticipate' the beverage needs of each of our guest; compute a per hour consumption rate applied to the duration of the event.


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