Wedding Post Mortem

Well, my daughter is now married.  The days up to the wedding were filled with last minute preparations.  We were grateful for the beneficence of the weather--a glorious day for an outdoor wedding.

The wedding was just perfect in every way; however, there was MUCH preparation to do.  My BIL/SIL were generous in offering their beautiful home for the wedding the venue.  The large mums that you see in the back were supposed to be our centerpieces.  However, we had to redirect and deconstruct one to make centerpieces nestled in mason jars.  Floating candles in mason jars made for lovely table light once the sun set.  The temperatures got cool fast!  Fortunately, we had a burn barrel and comfortable seating for folks to get warm.

My brother in law's band, Highway 249 played.  We had the "Solid Gold" dancers--

an assortment of 4-6 year olds being watched by a toddler as the band warmed up.  Oh, they had so much fun.

I did not snap one picture.  My daughter had a professional photographers, and I greeted guests--most of whom I did not know.  Neither Mark nor I invited any of our friends because of the constraints of the guest list.  With a limit of 100, reserved first for immediate family and immediate friends of bride groom, that limit was quickly filled.  So my only regret (if one can call it that) for the evening was that some of my close friends were not there.  So if each of us had invited just 5 people, that would have been 20 more folks and there was no room.  Rather than 'choose' we opted to just leave it at our immediate family.

Today, I'm nursing the crud that my son had..  I don't see him enough to get infected.  My throat is on fire and there is a prodigous amount of fodder for the Mucinex to act on.   Better now than earlier!  I would have hated to have felt like this on Saturday.  My son got over it in a couple of days.  I hope that I'm that lucky.


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