I have two anniversaries today.  The first, and most important, is my 30th wedding anniversary.  With my daughter's wedding just around the corner and an important Hatfield and McCoy trip planned for this week, our 'night' will be celebrated simply with a trip to B&B Seafood for fresh scallops (which I'll saute in butter, garlic and wine), fresh oysters (which I'll have on homemade tartar sauce), steamed shrimp (which I do myself in beer), and crab cakes.  I also bought a cake, white asparagus, and some gelato. 

Why not go out? is a 30 minute drive to a restaurant, and I don't feel like being a designated driver.  I'd much rather cook this 'stuff' up simply and deliciously, and enjoy it with ample wine (or perhaps I'll make a martini of some description).

My husband said this morning:  I don't even have a card for you nor a gift.  I have no needs or wants, and we are up to our gills in 'stuff'.  He helps me with my house projects, and I let him go zoom, zoom on his bike with the guys.  A reminder that marriage is a life partnership.

It occurred to me that the greatest gift that we could give each other is forgiveness for all past real and imagined sins.  That seems to be the most generous gift that one can give another. We will see if we end up being renegers on that gift!

The moon was full yesterday.  I remember our Spartan honeymoon 30 years ago.  The moon was full over the ocean and we could see dolphins purposing through the shimmering ocean waters at Nags Head. 

My second anniversary is that of 'blogging'--now in my 6th year with my very first post being on October 1, 2006.  Oh, I'm much less pithy and frequent, even having moved to this more relaxed blogging venue.  And I don't really participate in other blogs as I used to enjoy doing.  Nevertheless, I'm still glad to have a space to blog and share the occasional idea or two if for no other reason than to be able to search it for something that I could not remember otherwise.

 Now to go make crab cakes!

Celebrate something good in your life today.


  1. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary, we are in our 27th year together. Little fanfare and buying of trivialities for us too, our daughter is a senior at University and then grad school so no marriage for her in the near future. I see you have posted at Slope occasionally, but I missed it real time. Stay well.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I pop in occasionally at the Slope, but I've ratcheted back just about all of my on-line activity except for my posts here. Keep plugging toward 30! Hope all are well--including your cats.