We have Sandy bearing down on the coast. My husband was afoot yesterday battening down the hatches which includes tying off anything that will take to the wind. For my own part, I've had such a busy week with various deliverables, that my own pitching in for the preparedness was simply not getting in the way. I came home. Sat down. And I fell asleep. It's been a long week, and my stamina is still not in place since being ill.

I had the gutter replaced on my SR project---it had been damaged from some limb in a past storm.  The contractor advised me  to keep my distance from him.  He had the same crud.  His accountant also had it...and ended up hospitalized.  I used to work through such illnesses--I would never take a sick day no matter how bad I felt.  The simple fact of the matter is that (1) I likely exposed all manner of people to the same illness and (2) I likely was not very productive for the week.  I would have gotten FAR more accomplished had I allowed my body to rest a few days. 

I did try to work some last week while sick, but my brain was like scrambled eggs.  Better to wait and have high quality work.  We had a good friend who was sick with a temperature.  His wife pleaded with him to stay home.  He had a house to frame.  Sadly, he lost his footing on the rafters, hit the cement floor pad on the garage and never awoke.  We just are not on our game when we are sick.  And where my 'slippages' are with numbers, a tradesperson's is with their feet, hands, body...very dangerous.

Tomorrow will require some foraging in front of the storm. 



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