Weekend Immersion

Both Mark and Reade headed up to Hatfield and McCoy for a dirt bike trip. That left me at home to my own devices. It was a productive weekend so far, and it is just 9:07 a.m. in the morning. Yesterday I got up at 4:30 a.m. There is every corner of this house that needs some attention: cleaning, decluttering, etc. One device I used to use is to concentrate on just one area/room and get that to satisfaction. With these remodeling projects elsewhere, my area of focus seems to get smaller and smaller.

My FR project is nearing completion. I still have to paint the front door, install the microwave, and tidy things up. I elected NOT to visit any jobsites, even though I had a painter working at one of them. She doesn't need me to hover meddle, and I had plenty to do here. One project was to recover the green velvet seats in the cherry dining set that I purchased from the CHKD thrift store.   I found a nice modern graphic pattern that you can see pictured to the left.  It is going to look very clean and crisp in the dining room of my project which has Benjamin Moore's Muslin on the walls.

I bought the fabric very inexpensively (less than $4 per yard) at Artee fabrics.  I spent a good bit of timing determining the layout (as I could do a diamond, or a square.  I'm happy with the layout--though it took me a good bit of time to decide on that.    Looking at the cushion on the picture, I can see that I should have shifted it right a wee bit.  But, no one is really going to notice that but me!  But they are all covered, and ready to be re-fastened,  and put into place.

My fingers hurt, though from pulling the fabric tight. I would not wish to be pinched by someone who worked as an upholsterer...there hands must be very, very strong. The pneumatic upholstery gun made short work out of the stapling part.  I see folks demonstrating how to make upholstery stuff using a hand staple.  Those are hard work--having used one on another project.  Undertaken project:  Success!

I had an air mattress that I had loaned to someone. However, they could not get it to hold air. I decided that this needed my attention with the wedding coming up and the need for a comfortable guest bed. (And this one is very comfortable). I found the problem....the air valve was cracked. I spent far too long trying to find a repair for it. No replaceable air valve to be found. I will need to do a valve-ectomy on something else. I'm confident that with a new valve and vinyl/rubber replacement I can have it working. Just not in the near future!  Undertaken project: Failure.

My Metrokane Rabbit was not working properly.  I tried to realign it.  I'm not sure if it works because I didn't use it last night--not because I had twist off wine, but no alcohol at all.  I had a simple dinner of a baked potato and white asparagus.  I watched Memento which is one of my favorite movies. Undertaken project:  unknown outcome.

While in the garage finding a small screwdriver to fix the Rabbit, I looked at the blue tape that my husband had affixed to his too is Craftsman Tool chest drawers and wooden work bench.  I grabbed my Brother labeler and headed to the garage.  I pulled off the offensive blue tape and made very neat labels for everything.  At the very least, preparing the labels helped me understand the method of the tool organization. Undertaken project:  Success!

My daughter came by and brought her dog, Blaze.  He had a wonderful time with his three 'sisters'.  I took wine inventory, we came up with our beer tally, and came away with comfort that we would not run out of alcoholic beverages.  While I don't want to run short, I'm not interested in having too much!

ON the computer front, by monitor cable seemed to bite the dust, unless it was the monitor port (I have two).  I fixed that.  I have had a series of Windows Updates that have failed.  A few days ago I added them one at a time (with a reboot each time).  I finally had all of them install.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that my sound stopped working again.  After a serendipitous series of events, I restored it.  But I would never be able to duplicate it.  I think it was that the sound driver had to be updated after the Windows updates installed. When that completed and I fiddled in the sound device area for the Sound Blaster set up, I then had sound.  Undertaken project:  Success!

The weekend had more successes than failures. And there is still a full day ahead...getting beer and some food (for household) will be the project that needs to completed today.  We also need to decide on some fingerfood for the wedding.  We'll shop that today to at Sam's. Now it is off to find a corner to conquer--and disassociate myself with things that have clung to me for dear life that add no value but take up space.  I'm not looking at my dogs, but sometimes I'm tempted to lump them in this category.


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