Cherry Cabinet Refinishing

Yesterday I did a final strip on the cabinet doors for my SR project using the Klean-Strip KS3 Premium Stripper  To say that it did a phenomenal job is an understatement.
Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover

It went on smoothly, stayed put, bubbled up the finish and scraped off in one beautiful ribbon.  I could not be happier.  I say that this was my final strip because I did a product comparison using another similar stripper:   JASCO's Premium Paint and Epoxy Removerss.  For THIS project (and other projects might be different) which involved removing a finish from 1968 cherry cabinets, I noted the following important differences:
  1. KS had a more consistent consistency.  The JASCO had a consistency of sticky snot (I'm sorry, but that really is the best descriptor)--making it glop out of the can, and NOT spread easily on the surface.  The KS-3 poured easily, brushed on easily and it stayed put. 
  2. After 15 minutes, the KS 3 had dissolved through the finish, and ribboned off cleanly with the scraper.  The JASCO after 15 minutes (all under the same conditions), came off unevenly leaving some of the finish clinging tenaciously to the substrate.
Both burned like hell if in contact with your skin, and required maximum ventilation.  Best to heed the safety precautions.

Yesterday, then, I spent my time ensuring that each cabinet face had no residue left.  I paid particular attention to the crevices.  One of my colleagues gave me some tools that looked light torture implements.  They had very sharp edges, and I was able to clean out gunk in the corners.  I also had a brass brush that I used to dislodge particles.

After I had cleaned scraped all surfaces, I wiped excess stripper off with a black Scotch Brite pads and mineral spirits.  This pad got clogged, but rather than change the pad, I continued to use it and used a second pad to follow.  I then used a Handi Wipe (these are wonderful!) in mineral spirits to remove all debris.  I will inpsect each cabinet to ensure that there is no residue. 

I still have the standing cabinets to complete.  That will be no easy job.  FUrther, the stains have to be removed from the old hardware.  I'll report on that project after Sandy visits VA.


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