Sunday Stuff

Vasectomy Madness:  There was an interesting flash on the digital billboard on the way to work last Thursday.  along with hoop with a ball swishing through it.  That's pretty effective advertising extolling the benefits of getting a vasectomy while recuuperating on the couch and watching college basketball (as well as the interesting visual cue).  It made me look, and I have no interest in a vasectomy!

I see enigmatic billboards (non-digital) that pique my interest, but until today, I've never gone to the website to see what it was all about.  I guess if you have a loved one that you are trying to encourage to have some surgery, then you might want to extoll the features and benefits as noted! 

Health:  I was sucker punched after the flu with a secondary infection.  Both sinuses.  All I can say is that I'm glad that I did not defer going to the doctor.  I received necessary antibiotics, and today, for the first time since Christmas, I feel well.

Productivity:  I have been living the Pomodoro/Kanban life today.  Frankly, I'm worn out from a combination of convalescing and high productivity.

On Friday, my desktop Outlook crashed.  I have had 'limit warnings' flash, and I simply culled out my email.  My work requires that I have some pretty large files.  However, I could not even delete anything.  I was DITW.  Frankly, I've never educated myself too much on how to resolve the problem...and given that it was a problem with my .pst data file from 1997-2002, that should tell you how long I have been deferring this.

I'm an army of one when it comes to my business, and that means that I'm also the IT person. I managed to research and fix it. However, I ended up with a mess because I had some emails in triplicate.  So part of yesterday was the mind numbing culling through that fiasco without saving everything and without deleting necessary things.  I have a real need for archived stuff.  Once I go to a manageable level, I stopped.  I was even calculating the size of my inbox in messages (it was over 4K) at each 25 minute Pomo segment.  There were some segments, where my productivity (e.g. deleting emails) was triple sad, BUT, I go things on a to do list, or followed up with some folks where needed (that slowed my delete rate). 

My other computer task was to update my Kanban boards.  I'm also integrating Kanbanflow with Getting Things Done (David Allen).  I also had another great idea that I'll be nurturing this year and bringing forward once I've developed it further.  It is my grand "AHHHH  HAHHHHH!".  

Once up from the computer, it was the necessary minutae of laundry and kitchen tasks.  I used these tasks and meditative opportunities.  I didn't even turn on the tv for the laundry folding.


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