Archived Product

My old Olympus Camedia C-5060 is relegated to the "Archived Product" category.  No repairs can be made according to the Olympus service rep.  Wahhh!  In digital years, my camera is ancient, but it took great pictures--even though it was just 5.1 mega-pixel.  I just don't want to buy a new digital camera where none of my old stuff works (flash, lenses, etc).  Buying a new camera means new accoutrements, and I'm not interested in engaging in a bunch of research and expense at this point.

As there is used product out there for the cost of a repair (i, I started poking around.  Ebay to the rescue.  I looked at getting a used replacement, which are available at a fraction of the cost.  It occurred to me that I could 'upgrade' for a small amount more.  I elected to get the Camedia  C-8080 for the amount that it would have cost to get my old camera fixed.  Ebay--what a great place.  For $190 I get a great camera that I believe will use my telephoto and macro lenses.  They share the same battery and memory card system, etc. Plus, I'm increasing my megapixels by more than 50%.   I'm not a great photographer, but I occasionally get some good pictures. 

The platform is similar, so I don't feel like I have to relearn a new interface.  Goodness knows, it took me long enough to figure out the basic intricacies of my new phone. Funny how phones are now more complicated than cameras, and they have cameras. I'm sure that with a little more money, I could have gotten a newer, even nicer camera.  However, I'm not in research mode right now, and I do want to be able to use my current lenses.

I'm not a great photographer, but I have some photos that I'm happy with.  I like this little fellow on the Busch beer can.

If I get a year's worth of good service out of this, I will be happy.  Of course, I chuckle a bit in thinking of this "archived product" terminology as obituary fodder.  Rather than transitioning, passing, dying, etc....we  become an archived product.


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