Saturday "Stuff"

My camera arrived.  It was just as described.  I've never had any issues with buying on e-bay.  Some years ago, I bought some jewelry on e-bay.  I have several very nice pieces of estate jewelry that I purchased very, very  well.

My lenses for my other Camedia (5060) do not work with this one (8080).  Oh well (Doh!).  At least I have a camera that takes good pictures. While similar to my other camera, it has buttons in different places and there is enough of a difference that I need to sit down with the manual.  Muscle memory is helpful until it isn't.  The power button is where my 'shoot' button is on my other camera.  I manage to turn it off every time I want to take a picture. 

Today, I worked on the cabinets some more.  I'm almost done.  It will be such a happy day when I can put the cabinets doors on the faces.  There are no shortcuts--and if you do not clean the grease of properly, you'll see your miss quickly.  I have some places inside the cabinet, that are so ingrained in the wood, I've not been able to clean it all out properly.  (The inside wood was porous and absorbed the they've become one).  The 'fix' is simply that it will get hidden with drawer liner.  My Armeinian grandmother would say "You cannot cover shit with snow".  I say, "You can cover shit shelf liner."

 I have a line on some Corian countertops.  They are from a large installation, and are such that I can have them cut to repurpose them for this installation.  I don't have to pay anything for them, but I have to handle them and get them to someone who can help me.  That's okay.  Solid surface countertops for this little project would cost about $2k.  It's not very much countertop....and there has to be two holes cut for a sink and a cooktop.  Five feet of holes....but you still the the 'surround'.

The house was re-plumbed today.  The oxidized copper pipe had already been removed except that which was feeding the inside sink and one outdoor spigot.  The rest was cut out.  New back door has been put in; all the rotted subfloor has been replaced; the new front door is in; and the drywall patches have been made.  Once I get done with my cabinets, I have lots more painting to do.  By Halloween, I want to be done with this project.

 The picture to the left (mine) is of a fruit that you might not be familiar with.  Anyone?  Anyone?  These are fruit from a persimmon tree (my pic) (Diospyros virginiana).  Did you know the persimmon means "fruit of the gods"?    The fruit on the lower left is ripe.  The others will make your mouth pucker in the worst sort of way.  I ate two of them today.  I've not had a wild persimmon in 35 years.  There used to be one near where I grew up.  As I rode my horse by it, I would watch for them to ripen.  They are lovely to eat. 

The mosquitoes have been horrid since Irene and Lee trampled through Virginia.  Our county is still undergoing cleanup....the roads are frequently one laned as giant pincers grab logs from beside the road and put them into a truck bed to be carried off.  I needed a break from painting and some camera training time.  You see my eager little friend, Ella.  She's been my constant companion during this house project and she loves our walks down the road.  I grabbed the camera and some Oat n'Honey  bars hoping I would see my horse friends a few doors down.  Unfortunately, they were not out, so no pics.

I spied these little grapes.   My wild muscadines are larger than these.  These almost looked like wild blueberries in size.  I did not eat them., but I wanted to nab a picture.   The damp weather has also brought forth mushroom.  I find them very interesting in terms of their colors and shapes.   Below are a couple that I spied on my short walk.

Time to rustle up some food.  Simple fare:  hamburgers.  

It is such a pretty time of year.  I hope you get out and explore your surroundings and find some of Nature's treasures.


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