Is my phone smarter than I am?

I would rather have needles stuck in my eyes as have to learn a new phone (or watch golf/tennis).  Equipment wear/failure forced me to reconsider my Blackberry--and I do not personally own any Apple Product, though we are the recent recipients of two free MacBooks that were being given to employees (husband) because warranties had run out.  Personally, I don't find such a refresh on computers to be good business sense.  One doesn't refresh when the warranty runs out, but rather when the machine stops working.  Mechanical fitness and software determine the obsolescence--not the warranty.  Newest technology goes to the power users who need speed and access to more current technology.  For the vast majority of corporate users who use the computer as a dumb terminal or for e-mail/wordprocessing/spreadsheet applications, mechanical fitness/software last far beyond the warranty.

Getting off my corporate policy soapbox, my husband now has use of a computer.  He never uses mine, because mine is the mainstay of my work-life.  His using a computer is akin to my tackling of the Android phone.  He's managing pretty well, and is finding lots of interesting 'stuff' for his interests--most particularly the rehab of a Honda Trail 90 restoration that he is working on.

While I don't care if I have the newest electronic gadgets, I do care if my technological interface impedes the way that I communicate.  The Blackberry's interface with the digital world was poor.  Even handling e-mails was clumsy.  I will say that in the few minutes that I was handling my e-mail on the Android, I found it to be much easier to read and dispense with e-mail.

I will commit to looking through (most of) the user manual.  I could not help but be amused at the necessity of prescribing "Finger Gestures".

One glaring deficiency in my life that the phone has discovered:  "You don't appear to be signed in to any social networks."  For the life of me I am resisting this.  Yes, I have a blog, but it is not a social network.  Yes, I participate in a few forums on line, but my participation is very narrow.  I generally resist the "Linked-in" requests; I'm not on Facebook; and I'm not on Twitter.  I cannot imagine anything that I could possibly Tweet that would be interesting or worthwhile.  Many of the Tweets that I see on public sites are banal vocalizations of some emotion (happy, sad, mad etc) punctuated liberally with WTF and OMG.

I am resistant to the viral "friending" and the electronic dissing of "unfriending" someone.  This type of social exchange just does not sit well with me.  It is not a functional way to exchange ideas  or outline concepts (who has an attention span for that in this tweeting world?), but rather an away to digitally emote.  Granted, I do a little of that emoting here....

Outside of learning to use the basic things that I need on this phone well--and to be able to internalize the sequences so I don't have to think about them--I need to de-clutter some of these apps (as well as other aspects of my life).  I will never play the golf app (needles in eyes!).  I do not listen to music while I have to do thinking working (v. physical working such as think/work, but I do enjoy listening to music when I'm !#%~$%^ painting).  (Mark went to the house yesterday, but I had my fill of getting wet and looking at all of the things that still need to be done, so I passed).  I just needed some space.  Nevertheless, I did find an old Collective Soul CD over the weekend and I enjoyed listening to that while I painted and cussed.

At least I can answer a call.  I figured out the tethering (which I suppose is NOT what most young people are doing with their phones which is why it seems to be a Deep Space 10 application in which to find information about)--a process that should have been much, much easier.

Perhaps the power will stay on all day today ,and I can get something accomplished.  I will try to tap, press, swipe, slide, drag, flick, rotate and pinch my way through this technology.  There will likely be a few slaps to the forehead.

UPDATE:  I am having no luck with the HTC SYNC nor the Verizon Access Manager ( have to connect via Wi-Fi.  Customer support gave me some tether info, but technical support (who reminded me that customer service IS NOT technical support) said use Wi-fi.  Why both don't work is a mystery).  I may be reduced to calling.  (I did call) I tried out the tether using PDA-Net...that works.  I also learned that while at home (or other places), I can use the wi-fi on the phone to access network to reduce my Verizon data usage.  I'm getting slammed with additional charges due to internet outage and having to use my phone so much.  However, I thought that I had unlimited data.  See, I do, on my PHONE, but not through the Mobile Broadband.  I didn't know until today that there was a difference.  Silly me.   On top of all this, Blogger has a new interface.  I thought this post was published this a.m.


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