Crunchy Towels and Hurricane Hair

Still no power.

I went on a foraging mission.  First to get gas for the generator.  Second to get some bread, beef and booze (said ashamedly).

At the Food Lion, it was immediately apparent who did and did not have power.  Any of us who over rely on a hair dryer to look presentable (that would be me) are immediately recognizable.  Given that my hair expands with the humidity, I go for twist and clip efficiency versus other alternatives.  The store had the perfectly coiffed (grrrrr) and those of us with hurricane hair.    A hair dryer is just too much wattage along with everything else to load a generator with.

On the bread aisle I meet a store employee.  She, too, is without power.  She complains only that she will be glad to wash her crunchy towels.   If you don't know what crunch towels are, then you've not been separated from your electricity very long or you procrastinate with your laundry.

There are small comforts like enjoying a pomegranate martini.   Having no more pomegranate  liqueur, I made a trip to the ABC store.  It opened up in our county, and I was glad for it.  I remember when the only grocery store we had in our county was a locally owned one in Providence Forge.  I remember the "news" that we would get a grocery store.  We had a Winn Dixie and then a Food Lion.  I miss the Winn Dixie.  In its space is a Blooms which I like.  I get 90% of my stuff from a warehouse club--but beer and drinks cannot be beat price-wise at the stores. 

The 'news' of an ABC store (the only place we Virginians can buy liquor) was big news.  I don't buy much liquor--I maybe go in it 3x a year if that--but it is nice not to have it handy.  So I slipped in to get my martini fixin's. 

I miss my camera.  It takes pictures, now,  but no digital display.  Kind of hard to use that way.  I'm not hopeful as it wasn't even processing the pictures earlier.


My Blackberry is getting problematic in its tethering.  The digital and weather gods are conspiring against me. I am hopeful that our power will be restored tomorrow.  My B/SIL now have power.  There are trucks with names I don't recognize.  I'm grateful for their work--time away from their home/families to help out.  Our county seat is a 'command center'.  Huge Dominion and Verizon trailers (one each) with a giant satellite dish.

Though my land line went out, my wireless (Verizon) did not go out.  All other carriers of people who I know had no service.

Overall, it has been an impressive response to this weather event.  I'm grateful for the comforts that I have.


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