House Rehab: Rot

This is what the road physically and emotionally looks like on this house rehab project.  That being said, measurable progress is being made.  This week, we had some heavy lifting done by proto repair joist and bandboard rot.

In the picture above, new 2x10 joists were married to these two rotted 2x10 joists.  The band board and sill plate were also replaced.  The board at the top of the picture was barely sitting on anything (see how short it was!).  This damage was caused by years of leaking water from an improperly flashed back door in addition to waterworks from oxidized copper pipe.  Unfortunately, the door could not be easily salvaged.  Either pay $200 in labor to shore it up and re-install it (and still have a crappy door), or get a new door with minimal labor.  We opted for a new fiberglass door.   We are now waiting for the door to arrive.

The boards were not long away from literally falling off of the edge.  They are at the center of the house where the stairway is.  That they would have failed is an inevitability.  Best to have this taken care of now.


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